The One multi-unit abutments.

Connection Type Conical 
Material Titanium
Available sizes 1mm (Ref: D641)
2mm (Ref: D642)
3mm (Ref: D643)
4mm (Ref: D644)
5mm (Ref: D645)
Instructions Recommended tightening torque 25 Ncm for the screw.
Accessories T3 – S16/S17 Closed tray transfer (Ref: C72)
T1 – S16/S17 Open tray transfer (Ref: C67)
A1 – S16/S17 Analog (Ref: C68)
H – S16/S17 Healing cap (Ref: C66)
P – S16/S17 plastic (Ref: C71)  
P – S16/S17 plastic (Ref: C85)  
TW – S16/S17 (Ref: C73)
T – S16/S17 (Ref: C69)