P7 – ø4.2 Dental Implant

High pitch, slightly aggressive implant, designed specially for immediate loading with platform shift and internal hex connection.
– Internal hex
– Excellent primary stability
– Platform shifting
– Immediate loading
– Premium surface


Available sizes

ø 4.2
6mm +
(Ref: M02426)
8mm +
(Ref: M02428)
10mm +
(Ref: M024210)
11,5mm +
(Ref: M024211)
13mm +
(Ref: M024213)
16mm +
(Ref: M024216)

Drilling procedures

    Internal Hexagon

Internal hexagon provides
perfect implant-abutment connection.

Denser Pitch

Denser pitch allows for an implant to be
inserted into a hard bone with minimal resistance and pressure.

Bone Collector

The Bone Collector enables preservation of bone that
has been cut during the self-tapping of the implant during the surgery.


Additional information


6 MM, 8 MM, 10 MM, 11.5 MM, 13 MM, 16 MM