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  • S35N – 2.1


    Overdenture S-Lock abutments.

    Connection Type Narrow Conical 
    Material Titanium
    Available sizes 1mm (Ref: N1121)
    2mm (Ref: N1122)
    3mm (Ref: N1123)
    Instructions Recommended tightening torque 30 Ncm for the screw.
    Additional parts Metal cap (Ref: C116)
    Laboratory (Ref: C117)
    Extra soft (Ref: C118)
    Soft (Ref: C119)
    Standard (Ref: C120)
    Strong (Ref: C121)
    Protective disk (Ref: C122)
    Accessories T1 – S35 Transfer (Ref: C114)
    A1 – S35 Analog (Ref: C115)
    K21 Hand tool (Ref: B21)